Product rationalization

To reduce costs and maintain an efficient and transparent product range asset managers do periodically change, merge, migrate and/or liquidate products.

These processes are often complex including several risks and are often underestimated. It requires extensive knowledge of accounting, operations and legal domains as well as coordination skills.  AF Advisors has comprehensive expertise in managing all types of conversions for different kind of investment structures, including cross-border. With our experience and detailed knowledge, we are able to provide guidance through the whole rationalization process while mitigating the risks that allows the client to rely on a positive result.


  • Managed the fund rationalization project for several large insurers and
    asset managers.
  • Executed different types of fund mergers including
    cross-border mergers
  • Managed asset transfers of a total value over €30 billion.

Sourcing and supplier management

Asset managers regularly outsource parts of their business such as custody, transfer agency and fund accounting.

Optimizing the sourcing strategy and the operating model is key for a good balance between costs, risks and quality while remaining in control. When outsourcing a part of the business, a solid framework of checks and balances will need to be in place to monitor the service providers.

AF Advisors has extensive experience in determining the operating model and (out)sourcing projects. We know the service providers. Together with our knowledge of operations, this allows us to act as a specialist or project manager for the complete project or a part of the project.


  • Executed several sourcing studies including RFI, RFP and fee negotiation.
  • Managed projects transferring mid-office, fund administration, reporting and custody to new service providers.