Organizational structuring

Following the creed that structure should follow strategy, an important focus here is to help clients align the organizational structure with their strategic plans and goals.

Our broad experience in various types of financial institutions and a wide range of functions enables us to identify and share best practices, knowing what works and what does not.

The right operating model positions asset managers in such a way that it remains or becomes competitive and can adapt to a changing industry. There are multiple ways of designing a target operating model. Most consultancy firms based their advice on target operating models solely on theoretical models and on industry practices. However, most companies have their specific position in the market and their own DNA that cannot (or should not) be easily changed. Generic advice based on industry practices and benchmarking versus a broad peer group will not benefit management in selecting a target operating model. Each company should adopt a target operating model that benefits from market and regulatory forces while it draws on the strengths of the company.

Organizational structuring does not only focus on how the organization has been designed, and if this is the right way according to company strategy, but also on how departments interact with each other and how to improve the quality of their operation. This can include an assessment of management quality and employee competencies.

Finally, organizational structuring can also be related to building a new company or institution, where the organization design is an integral part of the application for an operating license with the related financial authorities.


  • Managed the proposed merger of two large asset managers.
  • Assisted asset managers and private banks in determining their target operating model.
  • Assisted in organizational changes within asset management organizations.
  • Reviewed and improved the organizational framework for a company pension fund applying for a license.

Business development

In today’s highly competitive market a clearly defined distribution strategy is a prerequisite for success.

An important aspect is the way your sales and marketing departments are organized, and if they function in alignment with the overall strategic plan and goals of the company. AF Advisors helps financial institutions to set priorities and to adopt a clear focus on issues like market entry plans, product strategy, pricing policies and distribution strategies.


  • Developed market entry plans for the Dutch and Belgian asset management markets.
  • Assisted a global asset manager in designing the international market strategy
  • Managed change management projects in business development