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AF Advisors is an independent research and consultancy firm servicing the investment management industry. In the evolving financial environment we enable financial institutions and institutional investors to achieve their strategic goals by offering specialized services in structuring, organizational changes, and research.

We provide our clients a strategic advantage by offering a unique combination of extensive experience and in-depth product & market knowledge.

AF Advisors is able to cover the whole value chain of product structuring – legal and fiscal affairs, compliance, risk management, operations and business development. This breadth of knowledge and experience means that AF Advisors is not only able to provide clients with intelligent, commercial and practical advice, but is also able to support implementation. This will ensure that advice will not remain a theoretical exercise, but will work and add value in practice.

Intellectual curiosity

We have a deep desire to understand the world around us and to keep learning. This desire drives us to keep asking questions and to keep looking for answers. By focusing this intellectual curiosity in the right direction we are able to get to the core of issues. This knowledge helps us to develop a thorough understanding of the challenges our clients face, now and in the future.

Committed to excellent results

We believe results should come first. We are asked by our clients to solve complex issues and help them move forward. As such, our commitment to finding the optimal answer is key in creating value for our clients. Therefore we always keep searching for excellence, as being satisfied with good results is not enough.

Responsible lasting contributions

We aim to make a difference through each of our projects. Making such a difference starts with integrity. Integrity entails giving an answer even if it is not the answer our client wants to hear, making sure our work is excellent without cutting corners, and making decisions we feel we can justify and defend. Through our commitment to delivering responsible contributions we believe we can make a lasting impact on both society and our clients.

Serious when needed fun if possible

As much as our work requires us to remain focused, we ensure there is time to enjoy and have fun. We believe that within an environment where people work and laugh together, it becomes easier to talk to each other, which helps us build better teams and eventually aids us in achieving better results.


In-depth knowledge of investment and
risk management solutions

The challenges our clients are facing rarely affect just one specific area of expertise and therefore require a multi-disciplinary approach. Our consultants have experience in most disciplines and are able to bring a holistic approach to their assignment. The role we serve varies depending on our clients’ needs.

Complementary skills of our partners

Our consultants are well rounded in their areas of expertise and are capable of putting themselves in our clients’ shoes, as all of our people have a background in the industry beyond consulting. This expertise allows us to bring a deep understanding and fresh perspective to the challenges our clients are facing. Our project teams emphasize partner involvement in order to achieve positive results for our clients.

No-nonsense, hands-on and candid approach

We believe consulting involves more than simply leaving our clients with jargon-riddled reports – we deliver solutions that work! Our no-nonsense, hands-on approach ensures that advice will not remain merely a theoretical exercise, but is successfully implemented to maximize potential value for our clients.

Building long-term relationships by exceeding expectations


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